Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello Again...I am back so soon...I must be ill...Nope just having a free moment. Can I just tell you all that I love Chili's Soup. It is seriously divine on a cold exhausting night. My favorite is the tortilla. you should totally try it. Who knows you might even meet up with your relatives. I did I saw Brian and Jerilyn and their cute kids who are growing up so quick. That was so much fun. Even though I was hungry I was totally grateful for the twenty minute wait so that I could catch up with Jerilyn. Actually I wouldn't have minded waiting longer. She is a lot of fun to talk to.

I also wanted to blog tonight because it is my Big Brothers 31 Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear ERICK Happy Birthday to you!!! and many more on channel 4...

Look even cute Grandma Griffiths is wishing you a Happy Birthday!!! (Isn't she just the cutest grandma ever!!! I just love her!)

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The Nuttalls said...

Great minds think alike - I ALWAYS have the soup at Chili's and I've told everybody how I didn't even mind the wait while catching up with you. We shouldn't wait to run into each other since we live so close - I know Caitlin would love to play with April & Caleb (and see those bunnies live and in person).